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The name “Leonardo College” is a tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci who was undoubtedly one of the greatest designers in the history of mankind. Leonardo's mind seemed to have covered a whole world of interests and talents, and the fact that a single mind could create so many magnificent art works and yielded so many visionary ideas, many of them way ahead of their time is really amazing. Leonardo College of Design is proud to use his name as a source of inspiration for all our students.



Leonardo College of Design was founded in 2009 by three partners with a strong knowledge and passion for Design. The desire to open a new college emerged in order to compensate for the “missing link” in the design training field, as they realized that some institutions provided a myriad of brief courses, but none of which were deep enough and others provided only a few long courses which did not cover all essential elements of a comprehensive training program. At Leonardo College, each course was designed taking into consideration the needs of today’s industry and, consequently, maximize the skills of the student.



Leonardo College of Design goal is to prepare students to the workforce in a relatively short period of time without compromising their learning level. We focus on what today's design and technology companies truly require, by using the most efficient teaching techniques and the latest equipment and software. We teach practical skills and encourage students to maximize their potential and prepare for rewarding, long-term careers.